Tuesday, January 12, 2016

remembering my father on snow days

Lise Winne, Robert's daughter, writing the post today:

Today is a snow day. 

Since my father died in 2013, I think of my father every time it is snowing ... without fail.

Why? Because he always called during those times. He called because he wanted to make sure I was safe, not out on slippery roads. As he would say, "I hope you don't mind. It eases my mind. You'll always be my little girl." 

We both used it as an excuse to talk about many other subjects too (often for hours).

Not a week would go by without his phone call, regardless. And we would often talk more often than that, sometimes every day. 

So there is something special about snow for me at this point in my life: it is when my memories of him come alive. In fact, the snowflake is one of my inspirations for my art (I am an artist) ... and it all has to do with him. He was also born in December, a snowy month.

In a way, the snowflake represents the kind of art he liked too: detailed, symmetrical, abstract.


  1. Lise, I =love= the fact that the snow is a special connection and reminder of our father watching over you, every flake a guardian angel - how lovely and peaceful!