Saturday, January 4, 2014

Winne ancestors of Robert F. Winne

Here are the ascendants of my father, Robert F. Winne on the Winne line (my seventh cousin who is also a Winne helped a bit with this geneology line). I'll be writing a lot more about their particular lives (the ancestors that I know about) in other posts.

* Robert Frank Winne Junior (father) b. 1924  Brockport, NY, professor of Architecture
* Robert Frank Winne Senior (grandfather) b. 1897 Brockport, NY, (had 2 children), banker until the Great Depression; then owned a saw mill, married Miriam Cook Thompson (who was born in Palmer, MA in 1899)
* Frank Aylmer Winne (great grandfather) b. 1850 Fairport, NY, settled in Brockport, NY (had one child), homeopathic doctor, married Alice Parley Nichols (who was born in Spencerport, NY in 1864)
* Christopher Winne (great, great grandfather) 1813 settled in Monroe County, NY (had 5 children), farmer, homeopathic doctor, married Electa L. Henry (who was born in 1816)
* David Winne (great, great, great grandfather) 1791 settled in Fonda NY (had 10 children), farmer, married to Catharine Hone (who was born in Canada circa 1790) 
* Conrad Winne (great, great, great, great grandfather) 1764 settled in Sharon Springs, NY (had 7 children), married to Jannetje Schoonmaker (from Cherry Valley, Otsego, NY)
* Daniel Winne (great, great, great, great, great grandfather) b. 1738 settled in Sharon Springs, NY, married Catherine Houghtaling (born in 1744 )
Frans Winne (great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather) b. 1713 settled in Bethlehem, NY, married Agnietie Van Wie (1716 - 1757) 
* Daniel Winne (7 great grandfather) b. 1675 settled around Albany, NY, married Dirkje VanNess (who was born in Bethlehem, NY, circa 1679)
* Pieter Winne (8 great grandfather) b. 1620 in Ghent Flanders and settled in 1696 in Bethlehem, NY on land he purchased from native Americans (more on this story in later posts), wealthy farmer, married Tannatje Adams of Leeuwaerden, Vriesland, Netherlands
* Franciscus Winne (9 great grandfather) b. 1586 in Ghent Flanders

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